1Smith specializes in automating after design. Information technology should not constrain creativity. We know that good design comes from people. Our creativity takes off from where yours rests, and our tools take off when your design process is complete. We can automate 99% of what happens after your designs are created: create multiple versions of the same design, populate your website or app, or automate your collateral creation.

What we do:
Automation – We break the bottlenecks and liberate your talent. We learn your process and then tailor tools to help you meet your goals: growth, find efficiency, or just easing the pains that impede you.

  • Production – Production groups often have solid processes in place. We can take them to the next level where they can get out from under the pile of work and actually look ahead.
  • Print – It’s one of the oldest industries around, and we love working in this discipline. Not only do we consistently bring smiles to our Newspapers and Publisher clients, we also learn from them, and all of that accumulated experience goes into the tools we design to help you.
  • Catalogs
  • Books
  • Collateral

Database Design:
Our solutions often include database creation. The bonus of which is that your team will be able to share information and track work more accurately than trying to manage it all with separate Excel sheets.

  • Build systems that serve the purposes of many without trying to be all things to everyone
  • Improve present systems

We can take on any design work with our staff of experienced designers.

  • Collateral
  • Web
  • Apps
  • Point of Purchase